Shrey Paul
Freelance Web Designer and Webflow Dev

Freelance web designer and Webflow developer based in Lucknow, India. Available for remote-friendly projects rn.

Clean and purposeful design, scalable and adaptive development, result driven goals. My design language sounds something like this.

Have you ever wondered where would we be without the internet?


Hey! 👋🏻—I'm Shrey, a web designer and webflow developer. Creating simple but effective designs, and purpose driven websites is my design language.

I am generally working on freelance projects, mostly with SaaS startups that want to create a conversion optimised landing page and want to give an edge to their brand and product.

My process looks something like this - I figure out who and what the brand is for. The ideal target audience, what they're offering, their target audience's pain points, and how their product solves the problem.

Creating a strong data point set of all these factors help me create a website that - aligns with the audience's voice, shows how the product is awesome and why they should give us their credit card! 

Using this process I have helped a lot of companies create websites that sell, sometimes better than their best salesman!


Contract - TecTac Studio

Senior Web Designer and Developer

September 2022 - January 2023

Apex Connect

Marketing and Digital Manager

December 2022 - February 2023


Webflow Developer and Designer

March 2018 - August 2022


F*insweet Client-First friendly

User Interface Design

End-to-end website development

Website Strategy

Conversion Oriented Design

Webflow Magnet

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I can help your brand bring out the best version of it to the world, by strategising and creating a design that is conversion oriented, speaks to your audience and is an absolute delight to use.

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