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Boson Classes is a coaching center that provides physics and chemistry classes for high school students. They have been in business for several years and have a strong reputation in their local community. However, they were facing a problem with attracting new students and expanding their reach beyond their local area. They realized that having an online presence was crucial to reaching a wider audience and attracting new students.

Boson Classes approached me to develop a website that would solve their problem of low online visibility and lack of student engagement. They wanted a website that would not only provide information about their courses but also showcase their expertise in physics and chemistry. They also wanted the website to be easy to use and navigate, with a responsive design that would work seamlessly on all devices.

To address these concerns, I developed the website using Figma for the design and Webflow for the development. The design is simple, modern, and clean, with a color palette that reflects the scientific nature of the courses. The website includes detailed information about the courses offered, class schedules, pricing, and testimonials from past students. I also created an easy-to-use contact form that interested students or parents can fill out to get in touch with Boson Classes.

Overall, the website has helped Boson Classes to expand their reach beyond their local area and attract new students. The website has also improved their online visibility, making it easier for interested students to find them online. With a strong online presence, Boson Classes is now able to compete with other coaching centers and attract more students to their physics and chemistry courses.

My contribution

Wireframes UI Design Webflow Development

The team

1 脳 Founder 1 x Designer and Developer




Week 1: Discovery and Planning

During the first week, I got to know Boson Classes, their business goals, and their target audience. I identified the features and functionality the website would need to achieve Boson Classes' goals. I worked with Boson Classes to create a project plan and set milestones for the project. I also began the process of creating wireframes and gathering visual design inspiration.

Tasks completed during Week 1:

  • Conducted a discovery session with Boson Classes to understand their business goals and target audience
  • Created a project plan and set milestones for the project
  • Started the process of creating wireframes and gathering visual design inspiration

Week 2: Design

During the second week, I focused on creating the visual design of the Boson Classes website. I used Figma to create the website's design, incorporating the branding guidelines provided by Boson Classes. I created multiple design options and presented them to Boson Classes for feedback. I revised the design based on their feedback and presented a final design for approval.

Tasks completed during Week 2:

  • Created multiple design options using Figma
  • Presented design options to Boson Classes for feedback
  • Revised design based on feedback and presented a final design for approval

Week 3: Development

During the third week, I began the development of the Boson Classes website using Webflow. I set up the site structure, added content, and implemented the design. I also tested the website on various devices and made sure it was responsive and accessible. I worked closely with Boson Classes to ensure that the website met their needs and addressed any issues or concerns that arose during the development process.

Tasks completed during Week 3:

  • Set up the site structure in Webflow
  • Added content to the site
  • Implemented the design using Webflow
  • Tested the website on various devices to ensure responsiveness and accessibility

Week 4: Launch and Post-Launch

During the final week, I launched the Boson Classes website and ensured that it was live and accessible to the public. I conducted final testing and made any necessary adjustments. I also provided Boson Classes with training on how to update and maintain the website. Finally, I provided post-launch support to address any issues or concerns that arose after the launch.

Tasks completed during Week 4:

  • Launched the Boson Classes website
  • Conducted final testing and made necessary adjustments
  • Provided training to Boson Classes on how to update and maintain the website
  • Provided post-launch support to address any issues or concerns


The outcome of the project was a modern and visually appealing website for Boson Classes that effectively conveyed their brand and services to their target audience.

The website featured a user-friendly design and intuitive navigation, making it easy for visitors to find information and sign up for courses. The site was also optimized for search engines, improving Boson Classes' online visibility and driving more traffic to their website. The responsive design ensured that the website looked great and functioned well on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Overall, the website successfully addressed the business goals and needs of Boson Classes, and provided a valuable online presence for their coaching class centre.

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