Melisma Academy


Melisma Academy is a dance and music academy that provides training in various subjects such as piano, guitar, vocal music, dance, Indian classical dance, and more.

The objective of this project was to create a website that would showcase the academy's offerings, attract new students, and provide information about the classes and instructors. Additionally, a special section called "The Grid" was created to showcase the academy's training facilities and provide a visual representation of the classes in progress.

My contribution

UI Design Webflow Development

The team

1 x designer and developer 1 x founder




Week 1:

  • Conducted research on Melisma Academy's target audience and their competitors.
  • Created user personas based on the research to better understand the target audience.
  • Developed a site map and wireframe for the website that emphasized ease of use and clear navigation.

Week 2:

  • Created a design for the website using Figma, incorporating a bright and playful color scheme to reflect the academy's lively atmosphere.
  • Designed attention-grabbing visuals and clear calls-to-action that aligned with Melisma Academy's branding.
  • Worked with the Melisma team to ensure the design met their expectations and goals.

Week 3:

  • Began development of the website using Webflow.
  • Developed a responsive design that worked well on all devices.
  • Implemented the special section called "The Grid" that showcased the academy's training facilities and provided a visual representation of the classes in progress.
  • Created optimized content for the website that aligned with Melisma Academy's branding and messaging.

Week 4:

  • Conducted testing and made final adjustments to the website.
  • Ensured that the website was optimized for search engines.
  • Created clear calls-to-action that made it easy for users to contact Melisma Academy and enroll in classes.
  • Launched the website, providing Melisma Academy with a valuable online presence that would attract new students.


The final product was a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively conveyed Melisma Academy's services and unique value proposition.

The special section "The Grid" added an additional visual element to the website and provided users with a unique insight into the academy's training facilities and classes. The website helped Melisma Academy to attract new students and provided a valuable resource for existing students to stay up to date on classes and events.

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